What is a Radon Test and what are the Best ways to avail services?

Radon is a poisonous harmful gas. It comes from the decay of radioactive elements such as uranium. It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It cannot be visible with the naked eye therefore we cannot detect it through human sensations.

If you are facing any problem then you can install a radon mitigation system in your homes. What is a Radon Test?  Radon mitigation near you provides many services. If you want to avail of our services, then you can contact us at any time. We are ready to solve your problems in a minimum time.

For radon testing, we provide short term and long-term tests. These tests are conducted in the supervision of our experts. These tests are helpful to record the level of radon gas. Short-term tests are conducted with the help of different short-term devices. Charcoal is used for this purpose. Electret ion compartment is the best option to detect radon gas for short-term tests. Long-term tests are done usually in 90 days. It is a time taking process because of the oscillating levels of radon gas. It is done with the help of different long-term devices. Alpha track gauges are helpful in the detection of radon. After testing, samples are crammed and sent to a specimen in the laboratory. In the lab, our experts detect the level of radon gas in these samples.

What is a Radon Test and why it is Beneficial?

We provide our best services through which you can reduce the level of radon gas in your homes. For the purpose the radon mitigation system is the only option, the First step is the drilling of the ground. Drilling is a time taking process and it is done after the visual inspection of our workers. After drilling a hole, it is sealed with a glue-like material that protects it from leakage. If the glue material is not used then it can cause leakage. After drilling, cleaning is also done to remove the small pieces and debris otherwise, it can block the hole.

After drilling, piping assembly is needed. Piping is an indoor assembly that helps in the flow of radon gas. We also provide you complete guarantee about the piping material. If the piping material is not good then it can cause leakage and cracks can happen in a minimum time. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the material of the piping assembly. The size of the piping assembly depends on the inlet and outlet of the fan.

After piping assembly, fan installation is the last step. The main purpose of fan installation to remove the trapped air from your ground because radon gas is present in an abundant amount in basements. We provide fan casing in case of any damage. We also provide many services through which you can increase the life span of the radon mitigation system. The digital manometer is also attached from inlet to outlet to record the amount of radon. After fan installation, outdoor piping is inserted vertically upward to remove air in the outer atmosphere. You can avail of our services all the time.