Review of Thinkware F770 DashCam – Is it worth the money

Thinkware Q800 Professional 2 Channel Dash Camera Front and RearAs the newest launch in Thinkware, the Q800 PRO immediately directs the pack with their very best recording quality however, together with a large number of features, plus also a modern, unobtrusive design. Even the Thinkware Q800 PRO is offered in front choices, or back and the front.


The Q800 PRO boasts the maximum recording quality of almost virtually any thinkware f770 review camera nonetheless. The camera recording in a 1440p Quad HD — even 4X picture than HD — whereas 1080p Total HD, equally fps is captured by the back.

It’s a 140° wide angle lens that ensures you catch the entire narrative of any crash, and can also be equipped with superb night vision 2.0 and innovative transparent video technologies that ensures recorded footage is crystal clear to be used in an insurance case. This produces the PRO that is Q800 a serious competition as the dash camera for both riding and parked functions.


The plan of this Thinkware Q800 PRO is intentionally discreet, using a suitable adhesive pad bracket, enabling it to sit against the rear view mirror, so making sure it’s positioned lawfully and consequently won’t result in any distraction for you while driving. This layout functions to your car’s inside, rather which makes the cost it.


The movie quality of the Q800 Guru is far much better than with front camera shooting 1440p Quad HD, as well as the back recording in 1080p Total HD, equally in 30FPS. That can be alongside superb night vision 2.0, also innovative clear video technologies.

Integrated WiFi Along With GPS —

These are the two critical features for almost any premium excellent dashboard camera. The built-in WiFi makes it possible for a phone to attach during the program to the camera, without needing to take out the SD card and place it to a pc to be able to review or download any footage. You might directly change the camera settings, and view the live through the program. This enhances efficacy and the useability of this camera.

The built in GPS antenna makes it possible for the automobile rate, location, and direction of travel to be listed. This is sometimes information that is crucial when utilizing your dashboard camera footage.

The Thinkware Q800 PRO contains 4 different recording modes that it can automatically switch between depending upon what is occuring around the car or truck. The majority of the cameras period is going to be spent. Before there’s a shock/impact this may store files, and also even the ignition has been switched off.

Occasion recording style will automatically start if shock or influence is discovered around the car or truck. This will conserve a movie file of this occasion preventing it from becoming overwritten by footage that is ordinary.

The next recording style is manual recording, that can be activated if you press the rec button on your camera. This will conserve the footage shot that time around into this memory’s recording segment, helpful if you see road rage incidents or driving.

The fourth style is parking style, which necessitates your dashboard camera to be hard-wired into the battery life of your car or truck. When the ignition has been switched off the camera will enter parking style. The camera will just save change to your motor car or truck, or files as soon as it detects movement around. You may set it into parking style that is going to end for the whole period of its own railroad style in the camera recording 2FPS.

Security Alerts —

Driver security is a high priority for Thinkware, obviously exhibited by the grade of the Q800’s discretionary speed camera alarms and motorist security warning system. When permitted, the camera may emit an audible alarm to warn the motorist of lights, both speed cameras that are inactive and typical, together with camera hotspot places.

The driver security warning system has become easier than ever using all the urban ahead collision warning system (uFCWC) and leading car death warnings (FVDW) being inserted, along with the typical lane departure warning system (LDWS) and leading crash warning system (FCWS) the other Thinkware models possess.

Once the urban ahead collision warning process is permitted, the Q800 will figure out the real-time space between your car or truck and the vehicle before you. It is going to issue the motorist with a warning based on the threat of collision.

By allowing front car death warning, then your dashboard cam will notify you that the automobile before you’ve begun to transfer.

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We’ve been installing dashboard cameras within an growing quantity of Range Rover Sports. We have decided to make a case analysis on a current installment of dashboard camera and a Thinkware F770 front. The customer asked that the, a camera, so which has GPS built in WiFi and a Program.