Radon mitigation system installers

Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless radioactive gas. It causes many human health problems. It can damage your body’s normal cells. About 4-15% of lung, cancer deaths are because of this radon gas. It is a serious problem and can cause lung cancer and different breathing issues. Our Radon Mitigation System Installers provide you complete guidance about the installation. You can avail of our services if you are looking for it. We are working according to the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to EPA, if the level of radon gas is higher than 4 pCi/L then it is dangerous for human health and can cause serious health-related issues.

Steps for radon mitigation system installers

Our radon mitigation system installers are working for many years. This procedure consists of three basic steps; drilling, piping assembly and fan installation.


It is done with the help of drill bits and mechanical devices. Drilling is a time taking process. After drilling a hole in the ground, it is glued with the help of a tough material that prevents radon gas from leaking. This hole is cleaned after drilling to remove all the particles otherwise it can cause a blockage.

Piping assembly

Piping assembly is the second step is the installation of a radon system. Radon system installers help you to reduce the level of radon gas from your homes. Piping assembly is an indoor process. We provide the best material for piping assembly. These pipes are made up of PVC. The size of the piping assembly is an important task to consider. If the diameter of the piping assembly does not match with the fan then it can cause leakage of radon.

Fan installation

Fan installation is the last step it helps to remove the trapped air from your basement. Fan material is very excellent in working therefore it can withstand in every climate condition. The digital manometer is also attached from the outlet to the inlet of the fan. We provide you complete guarantee for fan material. It also has an outer covering that protects it from harmful weather conditions. It also has flanges that help in the tightening of screws. After fan installation, outdoor piping assembly is done and it is inserted vertically upward to remove radon gas. After installations, short term and long term tests are performed to detect the amount of radon gas in your ground. Different devices are used for the detection of radon. Charcoal patches, alpha track gauges and electret ion detectors are the best options to detect the amount of radon.

We also provide many other services for radon gas detection such as digital kits. These digital kits are easily available in the market. They can reuse again. They are multifunctional, portable and easy to use. The working of these digital kits is very simple.  Our radon mitigation system installers place these kits in the ground and that is all. After some time they provide you complete record of the radon gas. You can purchase these kits easily. The cost of these kits is about $200.