Radiation Control and Air Quality

The environmental agencies are much concerned about air quality. Lifetime radon mitigation is providing its services in Rochester MN for more than two decades and we are doing well in the community. We are working according to the rules and regulations of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to EPA if the level of radon is above 4pCi/L or above then it should be mitigated and we are at your service to do that. We are proudly providing radon mitigation Rochester MN facility.

Radon Mitigation installation involves assembly of pipes, drilling hole in the ground and fan fitting in the outside piping assembly. The installation is done in two steps. Firstly, our team visually inspect your home to understand current situation of your home to install the best suitable radon mitigation system to your home. Second step is the mechanical work done to install the complete radon mitigation system. This process can be done within a week.

We are providing our facilities in local communities, quaint homes and hospitals etc. Radon mitigation system is installed considering the conditions of the place, location of your house and the selected radon mitigation system. The vent fan plays important role in radon mitigation system. As fan is responsible to suck out the air from basement and releases the air to outer atmosphere. The drilling is done under the complete supervision of the drill experts to avoid any kind of in convenience. The drilled hole is completely blocked from outside so that the suction can be smooth. The openings and cracks from the ground are wrapped to provide the required pressure so that the working load on fan is not above the required value hence the life span of the radon mitigation system is increased.

To overcome the abundance of the radon gas is any area, radon mitigation systems plays important role.

The systems based on the conditions and we proposed four systems; crawl space depressurization, block wall depressurization, drain tile depressurization and sub slab depressurization. Any of the above system is enough to overcome the abundant radon exposure at a place. After complete installation of the radon mitigation system the system testing is done occasionally to ensure the proper working of the radon mitigator. Testing is done by men and by devices to ensure that there is no problem is the working of the radon mitigator.

During the installation of the radon mitigation assembly, the most considerable thing is to overcome any kind of hole or cracks in the assembly because they can be poisoned for the proper working of the fan. And thus, the life span of the radon mitigation assembly and fan can be affected.

Cost of the radon system can differ from $1500 to $2500. We also provide you the best financial assistance in Rochester MN. Our radon mitigators are the best and only solution to the radon emission problems and we don’t compromise on any kind of detail no matter how small it is.