Quitting becoming a rapper? Check Lil Wayne net worth.

Singing and rapping are two different genera of music. In singing the voice, background music and tone matters while rapping is delivering street vernacular in a rhythm tic tone depending upon the way of content a rap and flow of rapist. The role of rapist had greatly increased in the industry nowadays as the songs containing rap are becoming more famous among youngsters. We can say rap artists are among the wealthiest people of the world by looking at Eminem, Drake and Lil Wayne net worth.

When did it start?

Rapping was firstly just used in parties to entertain the guests. The first rap song was released by Coke La Rock in 1970s. The first rap band emerged in 1979 and was called ‘Fatback Band.’ Their rape song ‘King Tim III’ was just added as a side song but emerged as a big hit and was top 30 song throughout the year. The reason for its popularity was being the street language.


Want to be rappers?

There are some qualities that are considered God gifted or by birth, and the talent of being a rapper is one of them. If we look at their childhood of most the rappers were rapping songs since their early age around 8-10 years. So if somebody thinks he had that talent, then there is a great career waiting ahead of him.


For setting yourself in this field, you need some polishing and measures to take. First practice makes a man perfect, and secondly, the world needs to know your talent. For the latter, some external help is needed for example if you know somebody from music industry ask him to introduce to some music company that works with the rappers or uses YouTube create a website and uploads your videos while rapping. You need to patient in this process everything does not come with the one go as it takes years in this process to become known to the world as there are many people you are striking in the same path as yours and be more talent than you. Everything comes with hard work.


Any success story?

Lil Wayne is one of the top, a famous and richest American rapper. He wrote his first rap song in 1990 when he was 8 and become the youngest famous rap artist by the age of 9, and his success is expanding until now. To pursue his rap career, he took a big risk of dropping out of school at the age of 14. He also joined the band ‘Hot Boys’ as the youngest member at the age of 15. His first solo album ‘The block is Hot’ came out in the early 20s and was ranked no.3 on a billboard and from then till now he has become a big sensation. He had also worked with many other famous names such as Drake, DJ Khalid, and many others. Lil Wayne net worth in 2019 is $120 million showing his success story.