How to take care of your costume jewelry The advice of my grandmother
There are two things that must be clear with costume jewelry; the first to accept that, contrary to what is said about diamonds, they are not forever, I also tell you that with what a diamond costs you can fill your jeweler every month and empty it during your whole life. The second important thing is that not all costume jewelry is the same, there is very bad that at the third set loses color, a stone falls or leaves your ears green, that you will not find it in elíbisú.

When you buy jewelry guarantees that it is made of metal alloys, it is important to try to escape from the brass and nickel, looking for silver items are real sterling silver and gold plated 24 carat. For all that you do not have to do a course, with buying in our online store you have it fixed. I also recommend that you look at the product file. Those who indicate that they are bathed in rhodium will remain as new for a long time.

Now, despite all this, any jewel lasts longer if you give it special care. With a little attention to these tips you will get to extend the life of your jewelry. Let’s review three fundamental points to win days of life to your jewelry: The Best Jewelry Store

Before releasing:

You already have a job before the first start. There is an old trick that my grandmother taught me, a small layer of transparent nail polish will help to protect that piece that you use very often. Put it on the parts that are in contact with your skin.
When a few months pass, you can repeat the operation and that’s it.

Put it on / take it off:

Yes mate, it is a roll, but it is fundamental. The three sites prohibited to wear costume jewelery:

When you wash your hands, you shower or scrub the pots. NEVER PLACE.
When you go to the gym or you will sweat. It’s not the moment. Sweat is good for your body, bad for your jewelry.
And a very important thing, that not many people know, do not put perfume with a jewel set, in fact, after you put it on, let a few minutes pass.
With these three separate moments of your jewelry you will give years of life next to your skin.

Save and Clean:

Another one of my grandmother, “the jewels sleep separately and in the dark”, this popular phrase is full of science. If you keep the jewelry in separate bags or in separate drawers, you will avoid air and light that oxidizes them, and that they will collide with different metals, which accelerate their aging. And last but not least. Cotton does not cheat. Only cotton to clean, you can also use felt. Only rubbing and make it soft and with care.