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As far as the landscaping is concerned, Henderson Landscape Design Company is providing beautiful options with budgeted price and landscaping Henderson NV is an only possible solution. We are serving in Las Vegas for many years and we served thousands of people with our ideas and inspirations.



What do we offer?

We offer various landscaping options with ease. We are offering service in following fields’ hardscape and soft scape.



Hardscape consists of all the non-living parts and contains all materials of construction. Hardscape comprises of stones, metals, woods, plastic, polymer and chemical materials.


Soft scape

Soft scape consists of all the living parts that are involved in the landscaping process. It consists of plants, flowerbeds, shrubs and the work like grading, trimming, mowing, aerating, planting and digging.

Both hardscape and softscape are important elements of a landscape. Hardscape is connected with the material and soft scape connects with the living portion.


For example, in case of retaining walled area, walls are a hardscape and the planted tree and shrubs are soft scape.


We offer various landscaping aspects with proper guidance and complete installation.




Retaining Walls 

The purpose of retaining walls is to maintain soil level within boundaries. We build retaining on and above ground level. There are many kinds of materials used to build retaining walls such as stones and bricks. You can plant fruits, shrubs and vegetables inside retaining walls. Proper maintenance is required for the continuous growth of the soft scape.



Pavers provide designed and beautiful pathways. There are different types of paving stones. Pave stones have different size, shape and colors and pavers show the beauty of art after completion. There are different shapes of pave stones i.e. square, box, and hexagonal and wavy etc. Pavers offer a stiff and hard path for driveways.

Landscaping Henderson NV

Kitchen and BBQ Grill

An outdoor kitchen is the best option for the backyard to equip the place with operative sitting area. Such system offers cooking to serve among friends and family. We can build a gigantic kitchen equipped with BBQ grill and we can manage BBQ system in small kitchen space.


Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is alternate of natural grass. In some cases, grass handling is a headache. Artificial turf is one tie investment. In addition, there is no need to water it. Artificial turf saves much money because there is no cutting of turf. There are three types of turf nylon, polypropylene and polyethylene. Artificial turf has no negative impacts on children and pets.


Fire Pits

It is a fire holding assembly and it helps to control fire spread. Fire pit installation requires an understanding of construction materials. To build a fire pit in the patio, it is important to shelter the bottom of the pit so that there is no negative effect of wire in-ground


Irrigation System 


If someone is obsessed with traditional irrigation system, we are providing a revolutionary irrigation system. There are two types of irrigation systems. Sprinkle irrigation system showers water in the form of sprinkles and drip irrigation system uses emitters for drop wise irrigation.