Aditi Malhotra – I am an Author and Journalist

My name is Aditi Malhotra. I am an author and journalist. At this time, I am working on Lottery Sambad blogs. I am also doing Indian event researching besides blogging and journalism.As an Indian, I am very close to my country. My land is my mother. Today, I am going to show you something special.In this post, I will share my profession and success story. It was very fascinating for me to write and research. From my early days, I decided to become a writer.

Journalism and Research

As you know, my passion is only for writing. It is because I am learning and practicing it from my childhood. I used to write poems and short stories in my classroom. So after passing my high school, I decided to become an author and writer.If you are an Indian then you must be aware of our lovely cultures. Due to this, I decided to research on our cultures. And believe me, this was amazing.

Education for Career

How many of you are studying your passion? I am sure only a few you would be on this list. The reason is that we are getting an education for making a good career. We are not focusing on our passion and love. If I talk about myself, then I dare to follow my passion. Let me give you the most important advice here. The advice is to never become afraid of people. They will never become satisfied with you. So you need to focus on your success path rather than listen to people’s false statements.

Internet and Professions

We are living in the advance and digital era. Today we can do almost anything on the internet. It is the internet that has changed the world drastically. So because of the power of the internet, we can also change the world in a positive manner. And blogging is the thing that can do it. If you are fond of writing and you want to show it to the world then try blogging. Today we have so many ways to earn through the help of the internet. Keep reading to know about it.

Writing for the World

Always get a goal of your life. If you are interested in writing and researching then do something that gives benefits to people. Work for others not only for yourself. Write something that affects people’s hearts. Write something that changes the mindset of people. You can also help other bloggers with your experience and tips.


You can get anything you want but you have to be determinant. Never give up in your life and stay strong for any obstacle in life. You can make anything possible with your belief and hard work. So be patient and look forward to your victories.