8 keys to grow in micronichos and specialized blogs

Highlighting among the large number of companies that exist today is complicated. Faced with this, more and more businesses are looking to specialize and offer their added value in a niche sector like Blue world City Islamabad. Had you thought about it?

However, at this point there is a controversy: how are you going to make yourself known within these micronichos ? How to reach that target audience?

These doubts are more common than it seems, since we find them with several of our clients. As a general rule, in all clients the initial pain or need when starting work in a marketing niche is based on:

  • How to give visibility to your brand?
  • How to create branding?
  • How to grow web visits in a very niche sector?

If you also feel identified with this statement, you can find information on how to solve it throughout the post or in the video. In addition, I recommend downloading the Sepmag success story to learn the details of a real project aimed at a niche sector.

The micronichos and marketing

The niches or micronichos are, as the name implies, smaller parts of the market where specializing can be more complicated, but if done correctly, the results can be much better.

Entering them can be risky, but following a good entry, recruitment and loyalty strategy, it can help you find a more faithful audience that is better aligned with your company values ​​and with the solutions you offer.

Challenges you can find in micronichos

As I said, micronichos can be very profitable, but entering them is not an easy task. What challenge can you find? Normally, when we have worked with our clients the marketing of micronichos, the same challenges always arise:

1. Your potential clients are not aware that they have a problem, or they are but they do not know their origin

Probably in your company you have an innovative product that the potential client does not know about its existence or it may also be likely that it is not even aware of its need. That’s why it’s important to know how to work to get your solution to your potential customers.

2. The only channel available for some micronices are the prescribers / distributors / cold commercial force

It is possible that, depending on the micronicho that is chosen, you can find barriers to entry. Sometimes, the most common barrier to entry is the need for intermediaries that may become your competitors. This makes the communication necessary to enter it not as fluid as it takes.

3. For many niche companies it is difficult to get their potential customers to know who they are and where they are, reach the target audience

As I said, you have to make yourself known as a company so that your target audience is aware of your existence. Logical, right?

Keys to grow in micronichos

Faced with these challenges, you, as a company, can work on two major axes that will be key in order to grow in micronichos. They are the following:

1. Define the buyer person, adapt the product and align the message

The definition of the buyer person is fundamental to establish the global strategy of the company. Be very clear about what profile this potential buyer has and, above all, what is your main need or pain.

Once these bases are clear, we must ask ourselves if our product satisfies this need. If the answer is a resounding yes, then we have to align our message and know how to communicate in your language.

2. Traffic attraction

The next question is: and how do we communicate and reach them? Faced with this question, it is best to launch a series of competing strategies that help us give visibility to the company.

One of the tools that can give us satisfactory results in the medium and long term is SEO and, with it, the construction of an organic channel, such as a blog of Capital Smart city Islamabad. The main dilemma in which you can find yourself is that your keywords or keywords are not very sought after, but this is the key point. There will probably be few visits, but little by little they will add up and you will be sure to attract your buyer person or potential customer. And, most importantly: if you do a good word search, the visits you will have will be of quality. To carry out this content strategy you have to take into account three key aspects. Write down!

Content quality

This will always be a determining factor, but, in the case of micronichos, even more. The reason is that, in these micronichos, you will be surrounded by highly specialized professionals, so you have to make sure that the content generated for the blog is of the highest quality. You will see how over time, by signing this content, you become a benchmark in the sector.

Recurrence and amount of content

In addition, for Google to detect you as a relevant page and start positioning you, it is vitally important that you publish, at least, about 8 posts a month, and that you are constant.

Keep in mind that the more you publish, the more active Google will detect you and you will have a wider range to be able to capture your buyer person. A good content marketing strategy will be the basis.

Recurring content optimization

On the other hand, it is vital that Google detects that our content is “up to date” and updated so that our positioning in Google is maintained and up. A good practice is to take the old content and review it, lengthen it and add new graphic material.

Do you think that achieving the acceleration of traffic in a micronicho is impossible to achieve? We present the example of Sepmag , a company that develops, manufactures and markets biomagnetic separation systems, founded in 2007. Its clients belong to the biotechnology and clinical diagnosis industry. They are companies that need advanced biomagnetic separation technology to develop their products, diagnostic kits. Sepmag focuses on a niche sector, where the main potential companies are located in the USA. USA, Europe, Japan and China.

In the following graph we can see how, thanks to the previous actions, it manages to scale its strategy, have more impacts to more than 20,000 users on a monthly basis and, thus, be able to expand and become a world leader in its micronicho.

APP - Micronicho1

Evolution of organic visits per month of the last 6 years after an inbound marketing work

Do you want to know this case in detail? You can download the success story here .

3. Traffic conversion

Once the phase of attracting visits to the web is defined, it is time to move on to the next objective: convert them to registration!

Surely you will want to know the name, surname and some specific data that helps you identify if that visit we have captured matches the profile of the buyer person you have defined.

To get this data from people, you can offer them downloadable. Faced with this, you have several options at your disposal: ebooks, PPT or any type of PDF. In short, any type of extra content that may interest your micronicho.

Remember that the more aligned the downloadable is with the post, the easier it will be for the user to be willing to give their data to obtain this quality content that you are offering.

Following the example, Sepmag has been able to build a large database, capturing more than 150 records per month within its micronicho of biomagnetic separation.

APP - Micronicho2

Evolution of the total records or leads of the BBDD per month of the last 6 years after an inbound marketing work

4. Marketing automation

As you continue moving forward, it is possible that your database will increase and you can take another leap to implement some automation system. You will realize that you need this system when the commercials are not able to treat and nurture each of the records individually. Just then, it may be worth investing in marketing automation software.

This would help us nurture the records . To put the automation strategy in motion, you will have to set up automated and highly segmented email chains depending on the category in which the user has shown interest and, thus, be able to take it from being a cold record to a possible business opportunity.

5. Long-term engagement work, by generating value

One of the main keys is the engagement with the user and the conversion. The users who interact with us several times will be those that we will have to take special care of and we can follow them closer.

If, for example, as in the previous case, we have a marketing automation tool such as HubSpot, we will have the ability to see the route that the user has followed, what pages he has visited, what content he has downloaded … and thus be able to detect If you are in a purchase process and what phase of it you are in.

6.  Inboundization of the entire website

It is good that you have specific landing for some of your downloadables, but my advice is not to waste any of the visits that come to your website. If you have already created downloadable content, take any opportunity to capture data and thus be able to see if that particular user is a buyer person of your micronicho. Worth!

For example, if you make downloadable ebooks and your home has considerable traffic, do not limit the downloadables for posts, you can also take advantage of them on the corporate website.

7. Collaborations with specialized magazines or other media

Do not stay alone on your website, go further, as your buyer sure person is informed in several channels. With this I want to tell you that, whenever you can, try to achieve an onmichannel strategy. It is possible that as you read this post, you may think that your buyer person is not “so online” or that there are other offline channels that work for you.

For example, in many micronichos there are specialized magazines, both online and offline that can be a valuable source of attracting qualified visitors. Work together with your inbound marketing strategy to gain reputation, branding and traffic. It will help you to push your strategy.

8. Dissemination of social media content

Finally, work your brand and your content on social networks. Forget about investing efforts in working all social networks, the key is to work in a social network used by your buyer person.

Since at this point you will already know your target audience well, you can see in which social network or social networks it is present and used to inform you. Coordinate it to disseminate the content you produce and thus try to have more reach, especially at the beginning of the strategy. In this post you can see how to build your social media strategy to give visibility to your content.

As you have seen, if a visit to the web or to the blog in the case of a company in large markets is valuable, in the case of microniches it is even more valuable. So my advice is that you work to the fullest each of these visits, trying to squeeze your experience to the fullest so that it is satisfactory.

Start up all the steps that we have mentioned and make your company skip the challenges presented by the micronichos getting to enjoy all its virtues.

If you are interested in the world of micronichos and how to grow your company in them, I recommend you download the Sepmag case here to see an example.

Do you still have doubts about how to grow in a micronicho? Write a comment in the post and I will be happy to help you.